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Roland Marx

Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Study of Architecture University of Kassel
Freelance architect
Independent since 1983
Member of Architects & Town Planners of Hesse since 1984
Member Number 8975
Authorized evidence for fire prevention
(No. 708 975-B-AHK)

Tobias Marx

Study of product design at University Kassel
Officer of the reserve
Work in graphic design, textile design,
Industrial design, interior design and advertising techniques since 2003
Taken Maegis Fashion Award 2008

Timo Marx

Dipl.-Sportscientist (Univ.)
First and Second Staatsexamen Philosophy/ Ethics/ Sports
Study of Philosophy/ Ethics/ Education at University Kassel
Study of Sport Science at University of the Bundeswehr Munich
Officer of the Bundeswehr a.D.
Doctoral studies Munich